What is MOBiSENSE?

Using mobile network data to make sense of what’s happening on the ground.

MOBiSENSE is a non-invasive mobility analytics solution, i.e. does not require opt-in from mobile subscribers. Another plus is that it does not require the rollout of any additional infrastructure, as it is an entirely software-based solution.

What does MOBiSENSE offer?

Mobility Analytics

MOBiSENSE is designed to offer insights on how people move, their mode of transportation, places they visit, mobility behavior … just to name a few.

Use Cases

Who can benefit from MOBiSENSE?

Ranging from event management organizes, through brick-and-mortar retail outlets, and including public transportation service providers, MOBiSENSE offers actionable insights empowering clients to make educated decisions.


MOBiSENSE empowers retailers with tools to better address the needs of shoppers based on their behavior and segmentation. Above and beyond conventional retail analytics, retailers can use the system to tailor their “meet-and-greet” traditions to each visitor.


Understand attendees’ itinerary within the venue. Respond to high leakage rates by adjusting schedules and content. Optimize how you promote activities and content. Offer exhibitors premium analytics services. By doing this, exhibitors can leverage services to the needs of their target audience.

Smart advertising.

Create targeted ads using digital signage in airports, shopping malls, and recreational venues. The content of the signage board is adapted according to the profile(s) of the pedestrian coming into proximity with the signage board.

Crowd counting.

Virtual “capture zones” can be established by our MOBiSENSE sensors at strategic locations. This allows event organizers to track pedestrian traffic flow within their respective premises or venues.

Urban planning.

Municipalities and city planners can use MOBiSENSE to get some sense of the mobility trends and moving behaviors of commuters of as they transit through public facilities and transportation systems.

MOBiSENSE in Action
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How it Works

A smartphone is continuously sending wireless signals over Wi-Fi and cellular networks. These signals can be associated with a distinct signature based on the location and the mobility mode of the smartphone. While these signals can be correlated to a unique identity, they are anonymous. MOBiSENSE aggregates the data collected to produce a deeper understanding of people’s movement within physical spaces. MOBiSENSE’s solution is fully GDPR-compliant.

Our Team

Meet the Experts

We are a culturally diverse group of engineers and scientists from all four corners of the world. We all share one goal: capitalizing on the power of AI to create new dimensions of value out of mobile networks.

Our Team


We are a culturally diverse group of engineers and scientists with one goal: capitalizing on the power of AI to extract additional value from cellular network data!

Lucas Bezerra

system engineering and software development

Duc Minh Nguyen

Data Science

Kalamkas Zhagyparova

Machine Learning

Ahmed Bader

business modeling and go-to-market strategy

Slim Alouini

scientific advisor

Tareq Al-Naffouri

scientific advisor

Ammar Hamdan

industry advisor

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